Loqi Handpan player

Loqi Handpan player

Loqi: musician, artist, producer. Handpan player.


Heterogeneous musician, electronic music producer from Bologna, Italy. The love for creating music and sounds is the center of his life, and after the "first" 10 years of producing, studying, playing and practicing on electronic music in its depth, now it's time to move to a new level. Catch him on the street, in your city's public park, in that square you don't expect, in that little bar or in that festival line-up, playing electronic music improvising and moving through styles on a self-assembled set of synths and drum machines, with variable add-ons and analog effects. A new way to taste and experience electronic sounds, with no prejudice.

LOQI - Studio jam on Blesspan Handpan

Introducing you Blesspan F Melog, wonderful sculpture by Tommaso Varriale (IT). This piece of art is currently part of my instruments family and will be the main character of my ambient/electronic album. Even techno and electronic artists have a soul ;-)


LOQI - Snow Happiness with Handpan